Vanida Lim Vanida Lim

Planning Pal App

40 Hour “Gift the Code” Hackathon – October 21, 2016

Winner of all 8 category badges 

Location: BrainStation, Toronto

Sponsor: Capital One

Client: Prosper Canada


Team Challenge: Gamify the financial planning process for low income individuals.

Concept: PlanningPal uses the concept of taking care of a virtual “pal” to help users create and track financial goals. The objective of the game is to level up and unlock more “pals” through the use of points. Based on how closely users follow their financial goals, points are rewarded or deducted, which in turn affects the health of their pal. Utilizing data pulled from the user’s bank account, the app calculates and tracks the progress of their goals.

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Planning Pal Financial App

Collaboration: Amanda Hoff

Developers: Will Mero, Arel Roche, Matthew O'Neill

  • Client:Prosper Canada
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