Vanida Lim Vanida Lim


About Me


I’m Vanida Lim!

I am a freelance graphic designer from Toronto, Canada.

Aside from everything-design, my other world revolves around traveling. My other not-so-secret identity involves being a solo backpacking traveller. I love venturing and exploring the world on my own, seeking new experiences and adventure. Going where the wind takes me and living life to the fullest is a strong passion of mine.

I went to Humber College, Lakeshore and graduated from their 3 year Graphic Design program. After my internship, I decided to take both my dreams of being a graphic designer and traveller to heart. So I moved my butt out of Brampton and haven’t looked back since.

I am a big believer on “designing for good” so on my spare time I also enjoy challenging myself to participate and contribute to projects aimed to better humanity. Hackathons? Environmental projects? Volunteer? You name it. Space-related events? Heck yeah. You can probably also find me watching videos about A.I. robots or daydreaming and obsessing over space and cosmos.